Wednesday, May 4, 2011

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I am updating my registrations with various expat blog indexing services, so please excuse the rare bit of external content, above, necessary to demonstrate that I am who I say I am, cementing my claims to own this blog.

I’ll also take this opportunity to repeat a few ground rules and to convey a heartfelt “thank-you”.

First, this is not a commercial blog and I do not accept advertising, guest writers, or link exchanges.  I’m flattered that you would ask, but all such requests will be politely declined. I do appreciate the occasional link in from folks who comment on my writings, but do not seek sponsorships or endorsements.  Check my Terms of Use or write me with questions.

Neither do I make a big fanfare of new posts, apart from routine notifications via RSS, FriendFeed, or Twitter.  I’m not cross-posted to Facebook or NaBlaPoMo; and my content is not (nor should it be be) reposted elsewhere. Check my Creative Commons license if you have questions.

I do register with the major directories, and especially favor the expat groups listed above.  They do solid work for the expatriate community, and I’ve long supported the people behind them.  Check my links to their sites along the right column.

Still, writers need readers, although world-dominating readership has never been my goal.  I am pleased to have a small community of around 100 family, friends, expat bloggers (catalogued at NetVibes, Blogger, and Google Reader), and curious onlookers who keep track of my writings and offer comments and suggestions.  My thanks: I really appreciate your continued interest and participation.  Check with me when you visit Maastricht; I’ll always buy the first round of beers.

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