Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Back on the air

Hi, all - ‘sorry to have been scarce.

I’ve been forced offline for a couple of weeks as computer and  Internet access issues compounded the disruptions caused by international travel and London meetings.  I’ve arrived back in the Netherlands this evening and, language classes aside, hope |and expect) to get back onto a more regular schedule (life and writing)

After a good week with family and friends in Seattle, I moved south to Atlanta for several days of meetings, pulled pork, and thunderstorms.  The major event was the kickoff of a new medical monitoring business, T4 Analytics LLC, that I’ve started with three friends.  My third business (fifth if you count two partnerships) since leaving the BigCo in 2009, this one already has a comfortable feel of good friends working well together on a worthwhile project. And, best of all, it’s funded.

Then back to the UK for a week, where BT repeated the June trick of dropping internet access to the village for several days.  Once again, the situation took down both phones and Internet, and the company couldn’t be bothered to give information or updates.  Concurrently, my little ASUS Netbook suffered a (literal) keyboard meltdown as I tried to get some accidental moisture out with a hairdryer.  The combination of problems forced me to rely on computers through internet café’s and the public library for most of the week.  I had a good backup and access to files through a USB hard drive, but only the most urgent things got done.

All-day meetings clogged this week as quarterly business reviews rolled through.  These are always worthwhile opportunities to share ideas with a good group of associates and advisors, but they require planning, preparation, and follow-up to be effective.   With funds in the bank and positive feasibility results, these session are all enthusiastic and forward-looking.  Everyone has a sense of momentum and opportunity: it’s a fine time to be running the companies.

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