Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Flikken Maastricht

flikken maastricht 1

Now in its fifth season, Flikken Maastricht is a Dutch police drama filmed, where else, here in Maastricht.  I have to admit that I was slow to catch onto this show; the occasional film crew or river chase didn’t tip me off.  Now, it’s sort of fun to watch the CSI-style adventures passing through the familiar streets until they turn a corner and, well, it’s some other street than what is supposed to be there.

I’m specially fond of this clip, which features Adam Curry’s girlfriend Micky Hoogendijk.  The terrace café where the scene is filmed is about 30 feet from my apartment window (I think the police camera may be in my living room).

Flikken Maastricht (from my window)

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Anonymous said...

Hubbie watches this. Didnt know it was filmed in Maastricht