Monday, September 5, 2011

Autumn is here already

The weather has been terrible since landing back in Britain.  The windows have rattled in the wind and rain overnight, the days have been cold and wet with racing thick clouds overhead.  People hurry along the walkways, hands in pockets, head down, collars up.

It’s feeling a lot like autumn.

There’s already some gold in the trees along the road by the old cement works, although most of the landscape rolling off into the Cambridgeshire distance is still green.  The Cam is filled with punters, late tourists mixed with early students, poles flailing and boats bumping.

It’s looking a lot like autumn.

Work is nibbling further into the evening even as night falls progressively earlier.  New competitions for Masterchef and Strictly Come Dancing are underway.  With everyone back from holiday, the work starts to accelerate: A board meeting Monday, a diligence assignment Wednesday, a product description and plan due Friday.  My web site developer and our web site hosting have me caught between them, and service questions are being answered “Yes, it’s our product, but it’s your problem.”  I’m hacking HTML code in Notepad.

‘back to school September; it’s autumn.

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