Friday, October 28, 2011

Back in my groove


DSC07623De herfst, het najaar, has spread itself over Maastricht.  Cool mornings give way to warm afternoons; early twilight, wet nights.  The trees are brilliant against the blue skies; the Maas is drifting lazily at low ebb.

dataI’m bundled into data analysis, numbers and waveforms, as the World Series echoes from Channel 700 in the background.  What is the best way to separate evoked activity from noise, nerve responses from muscle?  Skype hums with discussions and ideas along with a few questions and doubts.

DSC07606Evenings are wrung out with quick rides at twilight, essential shopping for the next day, dinners with friends.  Encouragingly, everyone seems pretty successful, projects and businesses moving forward.  Conversation touches on product ideas, talent migration, expat tips, local news, and travel stories. 

DSC07620Indoors, the work spreads and flows, colonizing surfaces, clustering, processed then filed.  Outdoors, Christmas lights are being raised in defiance of Halloween.


It’s been a good week, a stimulating mix of progress and discovery, social and solitary, busy and quiet.  Another week will see everything back on a firm footing, better organized and better planned, ‘Wish I could keep it balanced in this spot more easily, but it’s nice when it comes together even for a few days.


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