Monday, November 28, 2011

Evening lights in Maastricht

In the run-up to the holidays, Maastricht begins to bustle in the evenings.  The stores are open later, tables are harder to find in the café’s and the light shows arrive around town.

The Vrijthof has been hosting a Light Spectacle projected onto the front of the Hoofdwacht: a history of the city in seven acts.  HoofdwachtThe effects are fairly impressive and the history is concisely and colorfully conveyed.

Here’s the daylight image:

And the spectacle images, with historical maps of Maastricht and a dynamic effect that makes the bricks rise out of the building.  The show is about 15 minutes long.


Video is, of course, on YouTube, and another of a work by Ukranian engineer who may have started it all.

The Bok Bier is on tap (and bottles) for the cold herfst,  strong and syrupy, a little sweet and a little bitter, it’s a nice comfort drink for jazz night Thursday at the pub.


And if you stay up very late, there are the morning lights to watch.

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