Thursday, December 1, 2011

London Christmas Lights

It’s turning into a busy week, ahead of a busy month.  I took the train down to Brighton today for a site visit, reviewing our microbiology progress ahead of a milestone review in mid-December.  The trains back dropped me into London with a couple of hours to spare before the off-peak ticket north to Cambridge kicked in.  Rather than fight it, I took a long stroll between Oxford Circle and Piccadilly – lovely evening to enjoy the lights and browse the stores.




Monday, November 28, 2011

Evening lights in Maastricht

In the run-up to the holidays, Maastricht begins to bustle in the evenings.  The stores are open later, tables are harder to find in the cafĂ©’s and the light shows arrive around town.

The Vrijthof has been hosting a Light Spectacle projected onto the front of the Hoofdwacht: a history of the city in seven acts.  HoofdwachtThe effects are fairly impressive and the history is concisely and colorfully conveyed.

Here’s the daylight image:

And the spectacle images, with historical maps of Maastricht and a dynamic effect that makes the bricks rise out of the building.  The show is about 15 minutes long.


Video is, of course, on YouTube, and another of a work by Ukranian engineer who may have started it all.

The Bok Bier is on tap (and bottles) for the cold herfst,  strong and syrupy, a little sweet and a little bitter, it’s a nice comfort drink for jazz night Thursday at the pub.


And if you stay up very late, there are the morning lights to watch.