Wednesday, January 11, 2012

More great moments in Dutch advertising

DSC07884Famously, Dutch women are the happiest in the world.  This may be due to the lightened state of Dutch society, or to the ease of taking part-time work.  A cover story in a recent Dutch medical trade journal suggests that Prozac and it’s kin may also play a role?  It’s slightly reminiscent of Ms. Bachmann’s famous Newsweek cover – if I saw this facilitated smile, I’d probably steer clear.

DSC07913Then there was this come-on-in as spread across the second story of my local car dealer.  It made me smile, but I wonder how long it would last if it were posted in Fort Worth or Minneapolis?

My favorites are still the Bavaria ads on television with Hugh Hefner and Mickey Rourke.  Or almost anything from Centraal Beheer, the insurance company.

rourke Hef Beheer

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