Thursday, January 12, 2012

Musing my way east

‘twas a cold cloudy evening headed down the M2 towards the Dover ferry docks.  I had booked the 4:00 boat (vier uur’s middags, I drilled), but meetings had run late and there was no way to make it.

So I accepted Maastricht by Midnight (twaalf uur's nachts) and set the cruise control.

It’s been a good week; we’ve been meeting our investors, getting their advice and collecting funds for the next year of CamStent’s development.  In contrast to the visionary pitches last year, we have some good data to share and an experienced team that presents with knowledge and confidence.  We’re a good portion of the way towards securing the further investment that we need, and the discussions are helping to bring the business into sharper focus.It’s a good feeling that thing are on the right track.

A friend asked how life would change if we were ultimately successful: the product meets it’s goals, improves patient outcomes, saves hospitals money, is acquired by a global manufacturer / distributor.  What is the impact of success?

Clearly, the rent and the health insurance would be covered forever: the two bottom elements of Maslow’s Hierarchy (right).  But would the ripples affect anything, everything above?  Maslow HeirarchyFor some, success triggers a quest for a better relationship, for the respect of the famous or well connected, for aspirational crusades in sport or politics.  For others, it strengthens commitments to family and philanthropy.  Many of our angel investors are doing it right.

I’d like to think that it wouldn’t change my beliefs or values.  Nor would I stop caring about the people and causes that matter to me today.  The biggest change would likely be time: what would I do with the two, three days a week that are now spent on maintaining and operating the business.  I’d do more mentoring, more exploratory travel, more creative work, more time for family and friends.

Less running to the Dover docks and across the A16 through Northern France, the E40 through Belgium.  Less time on the junk ferry that DFDS puts on the Channel runs in winter.  Less effort chasing VAT refunds and lowest-cost airfares on New Year’s Eve.

It’s a nice train of thought.  The alternative, being unsuccessful, would also impact every level, but that doesn’t bear too much thought.  Especially on a week so full of possibility.

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Textual Healer said...

Hi dave - Happy new Year. is the DFDS winter ferry junk? Damn I just booked a ticket on it to save me a 45 minutes of driving time to Calais