Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Back along the Maas

After a week in cold and rain in England it was…more of the same to bounce across the Channel into cold and rain in the Netherlands.  I still maintain that winter is starting later and ending more slowly than it used to.  Physics tells me that the seasons don’t rotate within the year, but still, the hysteresis feels more pronounced.

It will be a busy week – our experiments in Seattle and Chicago have given the designers a lot to think about here as they sift through our data.  But the picture looks very good (trust me):

data 1

The weather has turned sunny, so hopefully ‘warmer’ can’t be far behind.  People seem very concerned about the economy, surprising considering how (relatively) well things are going in the Netherlands.  The only distress I get is at the food store: my allowance for re-stocking the ‘fridge seems to buy substantially less than what it used to.



I can’t wait to talk to the Ford dealer about a replacement for my expiring car lease.

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