Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Events upcoming

Queens Day (April 30) of course, but if the bierlijk boat parties aren’t your style, a few other suggestions (Note: I’m working on tickets for these, but haven’t managed to get them all settled yet):

FloriadeFloriade: A once-every-ten-years world horticulture event in Venlo through October 7, this looks like a serious flower event.  If anyone has discount codes, let me know, but the tickets are 25 euro, 5 more for the gondola, add shuttle bus and train ticket and its about 45 euro for a day.  The travel options are only available if you go through the Dutch site, not the .com English site, and the coupons for train, shuttle, and entry have to printed separately.

Tulip fields this weekend; Floriade in June…

usuGraduation:  I am proud – my daughter graduates college on the 4th.  This comes on the heels of her highly successful spring fashion show last week.  It means another US trip, but I’m dropping everything for this one.

Live at your livingroom: This sounds like a cool idea although I haven’t tried it yet.  Living RoomSign up for 7.50 euro (one drink free) and you will be met and taken to someone’s living room for a small concert.  I found a quartet practicing for this in a living room apartment along the Maas last night, and they were really excellent.

The Afterlife:   I heard neurophysiologist David Eagleman on a podcast talking about his collection of short stories speculating on variations of the afterlife. Sum I picked up the slim book and it is thoroughly enjoyable: each story starts with a simple premise about what the world might be like after death, then runs with it.

When you arrive in the afterlife, the Technicians inform you of the great opportunity awaiting you: make any single change you want, then live life over again.

Thought-provoking speculative fiction in very nice bites.

As always, recommendations and opinions are my own; I was neither invited nor compensated for any of these segments.


Amanda Blog and Kiss said...

I love 'The Afterlife'! It made me laugh and cry! And considering it is about death, the laughing part is quite a feat!

David Hampton said...

Thanks, Amanda, and I do enjoy following your blog!

It's a fun book - each story is about three pages and explores an opening like that. Good for reading at night when I'm looking for a good through to wrap my mind around.