Friday, June 1, 2012

Winding down Friday

This has been a busy week.

I think it was the intersection of lots-of-travel with end-of-the-month: all the tasks needed to pop out somewhere.  Or perhaps just having all of the Dutch acronyms (ABS, Finsens, IND, ING)deferred until I was in Holland that seemed to stack the to-do list.  but it’s been a 7 am until 10 pm grind for days.

Nice to have a Friday.

I went out to dinner with a good friend and caught up with events around town, his work, politics and culture, swap some stories and a few biertjes.  An inexplicable Dutch event filled the Vrijthof, vaguely covering the history of Maastricht through songs and costumes.  It might have been linked to a museum opening, perhaps to the start of June: it wasn’t clear to the natives or the visitors.  But it brought  food and drink together with a warm supper evening for a bit of county-fair neon-lit atmosphere, so who could complain?


volkskrant fietspadThe Volkskrant is (finally) running an article on the crowding on bike paths.  I’m constantly worrying about the sharp featured kids zooming past on their motorbikes, but the main hazard seems to be people over 65 on electric bikes.  A study is called for.

‘First of the month ledger is done; the engineering and legal groups are beavering ahead with their tasks.  Some irritating issues are successfully closed, and there was time to think about summer holidays upcoming without worrying about tomorrow’s conference calls and emails.

There’s a jazz weekend ahead and the Queen’s Jubilee beyond.  ‘tis really good to have a Friday.

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