Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Travel in brief

‘busy day today (and no Internet connections), so I’ll clear a few travel stories and pictures ahead of a day off in Amsterdam.

Taking the car back to England, the customs officials, a usual, searched the trunk for stowaways.  This time I had nice Low Country tomatoes headed back – they took a moment to appreciate my choices and complement me for smuggling something other than wine.

EasyJet always instructs passengers how to assume the crash position when they hear the warning “Brace-Brace”.  The problem is threefold:  Can anyone tuck into this position, really?  Won’t it end up breaking my neck when my head hits the seat in front of me? And, looking at the space to that seat, is there any room to get my head and torso there anyway?


The waters are rising in England as well as on the continent (two of three roads to the village were flooded). The difference is that the British bring out practical cars able to clear the rivers.


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