Saturday, July 7, 2012

Under the weather

I’ve been struggling with a sore throat, runny nose, hacking cough that is somewhere between a cold and hay fever for weeks now,  It doesn’t respond to meds for one or the other, and is feels aggravated by the wintry summer that we’ve been having.  I’ve tried putting it aside and shouldering on, but it feels like it takes revenge on both sleeping and waking hours.

The worst part has been struggling to talk without coughing.  My throat seems sensitive to breathing, and sometimes a sentence is the best I can manage.  Friday night was the Ignite event at Downing, the culmination of a week’s entrepreneurial boot camp.  I hadn’t been involved, but was invited to trade ideas with the participants.  I ran into several folks with cardiology / ECG projects that sounded interesting, but it was a challenge to get them from ‘something that nobody’s done before’ to ‘here’s the really unique bit’.   And, around that time, my voice gave out and I had to leave a card and excuse myself. from the dinner.

I had breathing difficulties during a wet summer in Maastricht a few years back, so I suspect it’s a recurrence.  The antihistamines put me out of sorts as well – they tend to make me irritable rather than drowsy.   So it’s been a time to take a blog break as well as to throttle back for a few days to see if I can kick this.

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