Monday, August 13, 2012

Down by the seaside

I took some time to drive along the coast, pulling in at various bays and villages, beaches and headlands, comparing the varieties of the shoreline experience. It ranges widely within even a few miles, but is always both fascinating and immersive.

Even when at least half of every day has to be spent on work…


I now have theories of entrepreneurship based on barnacles: finding hostile niches, armoured against stronger predators, adaptable to water or air.


altI have to wonder if coastal cannon are counterproductive: If you sink the pirate ship, doesn’t it just leave you with a lot of pirate refugees swimming ashore to settle?


Why hasn’t someone improved on the umbrella?  Everyone seems to struggle with them.  They don’t keep rain off very well, the ribs break all the time, it blows inside out at the slightest gust.  Here’s a Kickstarter / Indiegogo that I’d invest in.


More in the album at my Flickr site.


Anonymous said...

This might interest you umbrellawise:

David Hampton said...

Thanks, these actually looks kind of cool - I'll order one and give it a try.

I was in Stockholm this week and it was just umbrella-gedon - wind and heavy rain with junked umbrellas in every trash can and stores making a killing with stands of umbrellas for sale outside every souvenir shop. They seem intended to be disposable (like those freezer-bag-style ponchos), but it's just such an obvious technical failure and a resource waste.