Tuesday, September 25, 2012

InterNations connections

InternationsI’m pleased to welcome new visitors from InterNations, an expatriate organization celebrating its fifth year of networking people around the world.  I’m a self-paying member of “InterNations – Maastricht” and have long referred others to their social and networking events.

I was contacted a few months back to become a recommended Dutch-expatriate blog, and I really appreciate the new connection from Malte and the group.  I’m happy to offer their link via their badge, to the right, and they’ve posted a short background piece at their site.

My expertise is in living and working in the Netherlands, entrepreneurship, and developing global startups from a great medical technology idea.  If you have questions about a project, or are just in Maastricht and want to share some ideas, please get in touch.  Discussions of travel, painting, and sailing are also welcome (as many know…).

And, as always, many thanks for reading and commenting along this journey: hard to believe it’s been 1100 posts (and counting!).

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