Saturday, October 6, 2012

Rolling on to Ireland

I’ve wrapped up business in the UK (and Germany) for now, and am embarking on a 10-day business trip through Ireland and the US.  It’s a busy convergence of commitments made months ago, payable in October.

‘Fitting that it starts with a new piece of Random Road Art, spotted in a roundabout near the airport.

My route will be a long C-shaped route from Belfast to Galway to Dublin, with stops along the northwest Irish coast.   Our clinical director found a long-lost experimental device cached in a closet in the Royal Victoria Hospital in Belfast, so I’ve agreed to pick up the unit (perhaps the only one remaining) and convey it to the US in carry-on baggage.  Then on to Galway for the Medtec Ireland conference to give a presentation on improving clinical trial strategy.  Finally, out through Dublin and on to Washington DC for the Anesthesia Society of America meeting and business discussions with the Mayo Clinic in Rochester.

I’m actually looking forward to the week in Ireland, and there are opportunities to solve a lot of issues during group meetings in Washington.  Back home, I’m accelerating my Dutch practice and working at getting my Q3 VAT / Invoicing done on time (i.e.: the third week of the month rather than the fourth).

‘and not taking on even one thing more.

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