Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Boxing day

Christmas in Seattle was wet, cold, but nice.  I’ve been catching up with assembling the last of the holiday and finishing some minor home repairs: entropy sets I month by month.  We opted for a smaller tree this year, $28 for a 3’ Noble fir.  The light strings were 3/4 dead so I needed to get more, but tree trimmings were long since on sale and it cost only a couple of dollars to put things right.

Christmas eve I was still finishing the baking: rugelach and my grandmother’s cutout cookies. We alternated cinnamon and Nutella fillings on the roll-ups , and the frosting went pretty quickly.  We had eggnog toasts when finishing, still hours to spare before midnight.

Christmas dawned warm and wet (snow had been predicted), we got off to a slow, boozy start with Mimosa’s and stockings, the video Yule Log and the ritual scratching of the lottery tickets (no winners this year) and shredding of dog toys.  Everyone did a good job picking their gifts for each other, and we spent the rest of the morning on calls to the extended family. 

I hope that everyone enjoyed their Christmas morning (or holiday break) and have warm and happy times with friends and family. 

And be sure to make 2013 a full and remarkable year. filled with family, friends, and opportunities to make the world a better place for everyone.

Very best wishes to all!

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