Thursday, December 6, 2012

Views from the Windows

Maastricht winter 

Morning in Maastricht and in Cambridge – snow / rain: Winter.

I furiously catching up with the business and administrative backlog, humming away in my garret and firing off calls Rieu Xmasand emails (and the occasional Andre Rieu eCard when I need a break: he’s like Martha Stewart on steroids).

I’m still getting Win8 set up in spare moments, and am trying to embrace the App Tiles and the Store as an alternative to the Desktop and Applications. 

It’s not easy to love:  ‘two main complaints.

First, the store is very poorly organized, making it difficult to find what I want.  The main screen is a clutter of featured apps and a couple of unhelpful search options (New, Free).  The detail is simply a listing of tiles in no particular order and with few filter or sorting options.


Second, the apps themselves are simple and immature, even the native ones from Microsoft.  Take the Weather tile: there are no options for showing Celsius or multiple locations. Settings brings up a long list of disclaimers and legal paper, not actual settings: the Options consist of, well, one pointless one.


Better to ‘look out the real window, get work done on my ‘real’ Win7 laptop, and think of ‘real evenings’ with Andre.

<sigh> ‘just the gluhwein talking on that last one…

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