Sunday, January 27, 2013

Sunday wind-down

It rained heavily, surprisingly last night,leaving green grass and rainbows behind this morning.  I’ve had the windows open and the cool spring air breezing through to remove some of the winter haze and cooking smells.  A good broom sweeps clean.

It’s a catch-up weekend: the RoamLine chip kept my Nexus online through most of the week, but the tiny onscreen keypad doesn’t encourage long, thoughtful replies.  And access to WiFi only accomplishes so much on a swaying train or bus –I rapidly get headaches that I used to associate with Ingressplaying first-person shooters (Castle Wolfenstein, 1981,  to date myself fully). 

Updating my gaming (s if I have the time), I’ve gotten a key to Ingress, the Google-game that overlays Google Maps, but haven’t made much progress in understanding Portals and Resonators scattered across Cambridge.  However, keeping it alive while on the bus recharges my life faster than any other method.

CeilidhWolfson College put on a good Burn’s Night celebration on Friday, all bagpipes and haggis, toasts and skink, liberally soused with whisky.  Conversation was good, more Americans than usual but interesting people with diverse interests.  The dinner was followed by a Ceilidh, a square dance called against traditional Scottish music.

I was looking into the Missionary/Mercenary entrepreneurial dichotomy further, and found a couple of details that clarified the distinctions.  I never take these things as gospel, only as seeds for generative thinking…

Missionary and mercenary gridcombo

tea vs cocaine…and wanted to share one delightful montage making the rounds on Facebook documenting the effects of stimulants on the aging process.


Okay, off to some exercise, some foraging for dinner, and some reading before the afternoon begins.

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Invader_Stu said...

Is that Lindsay Lohan or actually one of the aliens from Star Trek?