Saturday, March 2, 2013

Catching up Saturday

La Vucciria by Renato GuttusoI’ve been on the road for two weeks, a bit of work in Maastricht (and a touch of Carnival), a couple of mid-week / weekend breaks, a business trip to the US.  All turned into full days and late nights,  leaving many pictures to review and notes to sort.  There was little time for writing or reflection, even as there were lots of things to write and reflect about.

So, I’m going to backfill a few dates with pictures and advice from the road trips: it’s not something I’d usually do since I prefer a more immediate style of writing.  But I also dislike posting excessively long essays or multiple entries on a single date.  Your aggregator may seem to be catching up in the next few days, but only because I am as well.

Comments and thoughts are always welcome and, as always, I appreciate your readership and, for my fellow bloggers your writings.  I do keep up from my Nexus more frequently now, and always enjoy reading your stories, insights, and news.

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