Sunday, March 31, 2013

Google Poetics

PoeticsThere’s a meme making the rounds based on Google Searches called Google Poetics.   The basic idea is to start typing a thought in the search bar.  Google offers suggestions for how to complete the thought, based on prior searches and what’s popular.  The resulting suggestions create a four-line poem that seem both revealing and poignant.

Google poetics 2I played with it over the weekend.  Typing “My startup is “ gives a pretty good indication of how things are going in entrepreneurship-land at the moment:

Poetics 3Some are curiously philosophical (I get more interesting answers from the UK version than the US)

To which  would contribute:

2013 has not been warm

2013 has not been kind

2013 has not been successful

2013 has not been easy


Anonymous said...

2013 has not finished yet.

Frank, Leiden

Dave Hampton said...

Hi Frank, and thanks! I'm not sure that, given how the year has gone so far, I'm looking forward to any more of it. If it's just more of the same, can we move directly to 2014 and have a do-over?