Sunday, March 3, 2013

Sunday morning, na zaterdag nacht.

robyn-hitchcockThere are an awful lot of guys here in pairs…

That’s just the British way, people going out with their ‘mates on  Saturday night.

I don’t know, they’re making a lot of eye contact…

They’re too old, ‘not dressed well enough.

‘still, it’s folk singer performing…

It was, after all, Robyn Hitchcock.   A wonderful show for three hours good music, random wit, exciting guest backups, completely unique and unpredictable

Oh, and it was very gay.

Apparently Robyn led one of the 70’s bands in Cambridge back in the day, so the Junction show was a homecoming.  With his 60th birthday two days away, it also brought out a lot of fans and several aging backup instrumentalists.  Nick, wizened on banjo, Kim, long Riff Raff hair on guitar, Jenny, distinguished on cello, and a young backup singer who hadn’t performed with Robyn before and was lost among her elders.

And Robyn, whip thin white haired, starting stories that he forgot the ending to, losing track of his place in the program, tossing off one-liners and school-days memories, and hitting every note like a pro.

My father’s generation aged gracefully, growing into The Greatest Generation with stories of war and business. 

This is how my peers will leave this world, still touring and strumming our instruments and never getting older.

Quote of the day: “Language fluency has replaced work visas as the main barrier to expatriate mobility”.  The Economist

UnemploymentBad ideas of the day:  Why, when lowering taxes, imposing austerity, deregulating banks, or imposing censorship lead to bad results, the conclusion from politicians is always that we just haven’t done it enough?  The UK lost it’s AAA credit rating and an election, the Republicans drove over the sequestration cliff and lost the presidency, yet Osborne, Boenher, still maintain that things will start to improve if we just do more of the same, harder. 

‘Conservatism in a nutshell.

Good pictures of the day: Signs of Florida, blog and Flickr.

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