Saturday, April 27, 2013

Back in Europe


It’s been a (too) busy week.  Seattle, Atlanta, Jacksonville, Cambridge.  Long looping talks with business partners to find a way through our current impasses; long loopy meetings with investors (in offices filled with enviable golf, car, and skiing pictures) spinning an aspirational future.  “Should we take the 1.2 million route, or the 2.6 million route?”  A shrug, Take both – it’s not that much money overall  You probably won’t even need a VC.  We drove back to the hotel in a Mercedes SL convertible.

I’m back in Europe, back on the bus: back to reality.  $10,000 now means a lot.

I always feel like I need some isolation, quiet, sleep after an intense week of planning and negotiating.  Part of it is the introvert’s problem of getting fatigued rather than energized by a full social calendar.  Part is needing to assimilate all the ideas and reminders that fill page after page of my notebook, waiting for organization and action. It’s simple jet lag, complicated follow-ups, things left undone and a need to catch up.

Piaget spoke of the balance between assimilation and accommodation, between understanding and learning, between getting your mind into it or getting your head round it, respectively:

















In the same way, coming home from a trip, some events must be placed into context, organized and prioritized before acting on them.  Others must be pondered and analyzed to figure out the motivations and consequences before acting on them.

So, I’m looking for a quiet weekend, a  bit of space and some idle relaxation to give my mind a chance to catch up with the trip as well as my corpus to catch up with the time zones.

‘Likely just retreating to a bit of thoughtless routine: shopping, reading, cooking, receipts, and exercise.

In a Fiesta.

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