Thursday, May 2, 2013

Raad eens waar ik vandaag was?

I was up at six this morning to catch the early train north to Amsterdam.  It’s important to establish a hedge against negotiations falling through, so that meant a trip to see Hans the Advocaat. Fortunately the news was all good, and I headed back towards the station with some spring in my step (even if it wasn’t in the chill air).

Passing Dam Square, I paused to take a few pictures of the banners hanging from the old Post Office, the balcony where the royal coupe met the crowds, the lines snaking around (and around) the Square.

And, well, why not?

4  k-1 

I’m no royalist, but these things only come around once every few decades, and the Nieuwe Kerk was open for just two days to view the decorations.  So I found the end of the queue – it actually moved along faster than I would have expected.  5 euros to enter (they have to have paid for the wedding with entry fees alone), and it was just like the news photos.

 3  1   2

I do feel like *such* a tourist…

Credits: Stock news photos from NRC

More photos at my Flickr site.

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