Tuesday, May 14, 2013

St. Pancreas sculptures

I linger at St Pancreas station, the terminus for the Eurostar and a jumping-off point into London from Cambridge.  It has good restaurants, a first-class bookshop, free wifi, (free toilets), and a dozen Ingress hotspots.  It also has a first-class set of sculptures, especially upstairs towards the end of the platforms.

Centered beneath the station clock is Paul Day’s gigantic (9m high) “The Meeting Place”,   Beyond is the perpetually distracted poet, now mirrored by ethereal figure floating on overhead on fluffy clouds (Martin Jennings “John  Betjeman” and Lucy and Jorge Ortega’s”Cloud I Meteoros” , respectively)


My favorites are a series of modernist bas-reliefs around the base of The Meeting.  Depicting Dante-esque scenes of commuters and refugees, they are tiny tableaus that are each filled with feeling and detail.


More pictures,as always, at my Flickr site.


Textual Healer said...

Nice sculptures- aren't you getting too involved in your medical world? I think it's St Pancras (not Pancreas!!)

Dave Hampton said...

Damn. You know, I looked that up, and still I got it wrong.

I'll put it on my wordlist / flashcards (along with the irregular verbs) and hammer it into my cranium for next time.