Monday, June 17, 2013

Bruiloftsfeest Monday

I’m in Nijmegen today for Jules wedding, invited as a witness for their ceremony.  It was my first Dutch bruiloftsfeest and it was really wonderful. 

The ceremony was simple and very personal, focused on the couple and their family.  A webcam (may have) connected the event with friends and family across the globe, one of the little ways that the Internet helps to bring everyone together at important moments.

Most of the ceremony was in Dutch, led by the Gemeente Ambtenaar in her official red toga.  Her speech, a narrative abut the couple and introductions of the wedding party, was totally clear to me for being in Dutch: I’m trying to figure out if it was her accent or her gestures.

‘Fortunate in any case, as she did my introduction in Dutch as well.

The reception was also fun; I visited with a half dozen people and found the groom’s mother to be especially charming.   Part of it was that she was so typically Dutch in manner and outlook, but part was just sharing experiences with someone (else) who had lived long and seen a lot.

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