Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Midday relaxation

sidewalk-cafe-robert-rohrichI think I’m getting a bit Mediterranean in my fondness for a break in the day, something to allow some reflection and recharge between a busy morning and a busy afternoon.  With summer finally here, the café’s are becoming a favored spot.

Maastricht offered city-wide blues and jazz this week, musicians and singers in the squares and in front of the bars.   They attracted small crowds of swaying onlookers, filled the sidewalk tables with smiling groups of friends, evoked smiles from the wait staff and the passers-by.

DSC08671 DSC08673

For me, a biertje and some bitterballen with the music.

In Cambridge, the draw is the history and the scholarship.  I enjoy listening the the conversations at nearby tables, debating a point of science, a position on literature, a plan for a business.  The scholars are distinguishable from the tourist by their head-down, headlong rush through the streets, lost in thought. 


For me, English breakfast and white coffee on King’s Parade.


Textual Healer said...

Hi Dave

You're going Dutch: you wrote 'the café’s'! And, you actually seem to relish eating 'bitterbollen', - which in my (mental) dictionary translates as 'sweepings from the abattoir floor'!


David Hampton said...

I got a recipe and made bitterballlen a couple of times, otherwise I'd have no clue what is a actually in them. Somehow, I keep those ingredients in mind (along with antimicrobial mustard and astringent beer on the table) and hope you're not right :)

As to the pluralization, I've been studying too much, and it's rubbing off everywhere. I'm pronouncing "Google" with two hard G's...