Friday, June 7, 2013

Vrijdag, reeds

The week has flown by – every day full and lapping over into the evenings.  Lots of good things got done, though. 
For CamStent the samples are off for testing, our contracts came in from the University, we have the possibility of a new partnership, and my lead chemist got off to Sermione for a much-deserved vacation. 
Over at T4, an investor came back with an offer to fund the company (valuation, and therefore control, still TBD) through it’s market entry, a $5 million proposition. 
Stone Bridge had a nice tax windfall; I got some student mentoring sorted at Cambridge, the nascent company who’s Board I joined is successfully closing it’s funding and a first clinical trial.
RachelAnd my niece graduated high school, my daughter in attendance.  She’s headed towards Harvard next fall on a athletic scholarship, a wonderful accomplishment.  Still, I couldn’t resist sending a card from the ‘real’ Cambridge reminding her who’s been around for 800 years and winning 89 Nobel Prizes.
Bigger fishAs Qui-Gon Jinn observed, There’s always a bigger fish.

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