Sunday, July 28, 2013

A moldy oldie

1In 1974, I became Program Director at the The Music Station, WRVU 91.1 FM.  The ‘Werve was a 300-watt powerhouse of a college radio station, and I did afternoon drive as ‘Dashing’ Dave Roberts.  It was a lot of fun and a great community to be part of, I seriously considered a career in Media before heading off to graduate school to study engineering instead.

The station is long gone, reduced to internet streaming and the broadcast frequency sold off.  But a minor storm burst on Facebook today when a YouTube audio track was posted by the PAMS company, who did all of our radio jingles, featuring me as the DJ.  A surprising number of friends recognized me (the hair or the smile?)

Dashing Dave Roberts, On the air

I remember going to Dallas to cut the package: the producer took us to lunch, then into the studio where a group of singers belted out our clips.  They’d do a segment, then turn and ask me how it sounded.  Can they hit the ‘W’ a bit harder?  “Hit the W’ said my producer, the tech miked in the command, the conductor talked to the singers, they hit the W.  Very fun and impressive for a 20-year old.

It also gave me my first experience managing, where I learned the importance of Lucy Kelllaway's basic principles: “Make sure that everyone has a proper job to do. Pays everyone fairly. Make employees feel that their efforts are recognised. Gives folks nice people to work with.”

‘Makes me want to dig out the old airchecks (if the oxide hasn’t fallen off the tape backing).

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