Thursday, July 18, 2013

Clare’s Mongol Derby

ClarePeople say that I’m lucky in life, but I know I’ve been lucky in people.   Again and again, I’ve seen the extraordinary things that can happen when capable people make positive choices and take affirmative actions.

So in that spirit, I’m pleased to recommend your support for Clare Twemlow’s upcoming participation in the Mongol Derby.  (CamNetwork)

It’s a remarkable event, a 1000 km horse race at speed for two weeks across the Mongolian steppes.  The scenery looks absolutely stunning, broad grasslands and rolling hills, still dotted with nomadic herders.  The racers ride classic Mongol short horses that are bred for life in the wilderness, but it means that riders must take care with the animals as well as with the harsh environment.  She’s allowed 5kg of the-mongol-derbypersonal effects, and has to keep the horse’s heart rate within limits throughout the race. 

A bit of background: Clare is a Chartered Accountant who has been CamStent’s CFO for 5 years and is a partner in New Wave Ventures (London).  She leads our finances and fundraisings and has been a wonderful co-director and friend as we built the business.

You can follow her journey on Facebook and on the event blog;.

‘wish her luck,, and please consider making a donation to Spinal Research.

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