Thursday, August 29, 2013

Early morning, Alsace

DSC09615 (1200x900)It’s nice that the French don’t get up so early.  ‘nice to walk the empty streets, to watch the light grow across the pastel buildings and misty vineyards.   Nice to find the coffee just brewed, the croissants just out of the oven.

DSC09625 (1200x931) DSC09627 (1200x898)DSC09626 (1200x898)DSC09620 (1200x1024) DSC09618 (899x1200)

DSC09602 (1200x900)The biggest challenge so far has been to try to decipher French handwriting to get the Internet password…

Anyway, it’s nice to be in the countryside for a few days change of scenery.

Will and Chester‘And very nice to follow my son’s first days out of  the Air Force and into college: congratulations on completing your service and we’re behind you for the future!

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