Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Editorial: My 18-month day

Olive groveThis is an unusual day in the chronicles of Random Walks, mainly because its not a day at all.

In late June 2013, a year of increasingly difficult personal and business challenges finally came to a single point of crisis.  The event profoundly affected everything:  its consequences and emotions still hurt and challenge me every day.  Friends and professionals say that they always will, that I need to learn to learn to live with the changes and damages done to myself and my life.

But they also say that, like a physical illness, time will bring healing and some measure of peace.  18 months is the oft-cited recovery period, offered by friends and colleagues who’ve suffered loss on this scale in their professional or personal lives.

I’ve chosen August 14, 2013, somewhat arbitrarily, as the grove that I will visit to post my thoughts and, hopefully, mark my progress during my journey back.

These six entries will be spaced every three hours through the day, in sequence,  beginning at 2 am.  In the real world, though,  approximately three months will have passed between each essay.

These are necessary and honest personal reflections of my most difficult times and thoughts.  They have no other purpose.

Please leave them in solitude, as you may find them.

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