Friday, August 2, 2013

Het is erg warm ....

WP_20130802_008 (1400x1186)…but after the spring we’ve had, I can hardly complain.  I had to sympathize with the flowers left out to suffer in front of the bar up the street, though.

I was up with the sun, as usual, did a little early reading, biked to some 9 am appointments.  A leisurely lunch with a friend at the Vrijthof, then back to work on legal issues through the afternoon.  Sunset found me working my favorite risotto recipe with a fresh-made vegetable stock.   It made all the difference in the recipe.

‘takes me three times to get anything right: once to get the feel for it, second to overcompensate, third time perfect.

WP_20130801_015 WP_20130801_030 (1400x1124)WP_20130802_005 (1400x758)WP_20130801_026 (1400x791) WP_20130802_010 (1400x1166)

Outside, the Stone Bridge glows orange in the sunset, the bicycles drift by in the twilight, soothing like watching fish in an aquarium.  I sit in the window, sip a good Belgian beer, and make plans for the weekend. 

The Antwerp city museum, most likely, or down to Spa if my spirit tends towards a ramble…

WP_20130801_036 (1400x788) WP_20130801_032 (1400x742)

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