Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Over hill, over dale

WP_20130806_001‘Back to the UK yesterday, a leisurely drive across Belgium to the Calais ferry dock and around the M25 to Cambridge.  I was cruising with the old Sea France line, now re-WP_20130806_002branded, who actually seem to take better care of their boats. The interiors are somewhat casino-purple and plush, but they are WP_20130807_001spotlessly clean and the food is a notch up from the alternative lines.

This morning I was on the road to the University: I picked up samples and theWP_20130807_003 final signed agreements.   There’s a distinct autumn tang in the East Anglian air and a heavy morning mist: the TomTom sent me cross-country to avoid a block on the M-roads so it was four hours of quiet thinking and reflection.


And1011160_209988339125057_1516217537_n Clare continues her race across Mongolia – the charts show her in second place in cool and wet weather.   The steppes look wonderful and the horses look tiny.  But it’s been the best race I’ve followed since the ‘round the world sailing challenges.

And, tomorrow, off for two days of narrowboat cruising….can’t wait!

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