Thursday, August 8, 2013

Ten wishes

Napoleon quoteI was given a magic wand  by a friend of mine and asked to list ten wishes that I would grant myself  with it.  No easy task; I completed it past-midnight, as these sorts of things are properly meant to be considered. 

Your list may differ:  here’s mine:

1) Turn the clock back one year knowing what I know today.

2) Good health and mental acuity until the day I die.

3) A warm and lasting partnership that completes us both.

4) Means to travel and connect with people, taking in all of the world’s myriad experiences.

5) Good luck.

6) Tolerance for those who choose to emigrate and live among us; forgiveness for our cross-cultural lapses when we do.

7) Means for everyone to discover and nurture their own unique human  talent, so that everyone finds their own voice, place, and reward.

8) Dutch open honesty in conversations, alongside a commitment to having them.

9) To be able to say, at the end of days, that I lived a life I love.

10) To heal the hearts of all who have suffered enough.

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