Monday, September 23, 2013

Monday’s links

DSC00184 (1200x936)I travel: I read, catch up on mail, stash a few links into Pocket.  The ferry back from Calais was uneventful, a smooth crossing with time to stretch out and do a bit of reading.  Among the better things to cross my tablet:


If you drive the Dutch roads, you appreciate this.  The ships captain observes the “Flying Dutchman” passing overhead in the shape of a caravan.

And, Anouk, just because…

Anouk eurovision song  contest






My parents and my son have been suffering through the terrible ‘500 year flood’ that swept through Boulder Colorado last week.  The University closed, the rivers rose, and this amazing picture was taken in the center of town.

It’s the way problems rain on my head this year.

DSC00195 (1200x683)

And there was this set of instructions for getting  coffee at the train station.  I asked permission to take the picture and the barrista hid behind the counter…

Dr. Phil

Intriguing “Dr. Phil”  personality test: I got a 35.  You are sensible, cautious, careful and practical. People see you as clever, gifted, talented, but modest…loyal to friends…long time to get over broken trust. 

Or, as one of my investors said: Dave is clearly focused and smart.  Smiley too, which always helps.


‘back in the UK: the ferry was filled with schoolchildren and the roads with caravans.  And then there was the unpacking of the “Brit-boxes”…it’s going to be a busy (last) week in Barrington.

DSC00183 (1200x974) DSC00191 (1200x879)

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