Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Pitching Guernsey

Sept 2013 Guernsey  (4)Today’s an overnight trip to the Channel Islands from Southampton to pitch the tax-expatriate angels who populate the island.  I like Guernsey a lot, ‘no way that I  can afford to live there, but it’s like the San Juan Islands: well  heeled, successful, laid back.

The difference this year over 18 months ago was that the weather was gorgeous.  That means crab at the Boathouse Restaurant, harbourside, crab bisque or Thai chicken.  It means walking the seawalls at low tide, idling with the folks working on their beached sailboats.   It means walking the High Street jewelers, sunning on the terraces, hob-knobbing with the angel investors.

Sept 2013 Guernsey  (14) Sept 2013 Guernsey  (13)

We actually did very well.  It’s been 18 months since my last formal pitch for funds, and we were squeezed into a 5 minute slot, followed by 5-minute Q&A.  I hit the marks,  the questions were thoughtful, and we landed two new investors.

2 (902x1200) Sept 2013 Guernsey  (2)

All to the good, and then some.

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