Thursday, October 10, 2013

Beaulieu and the New Forest

DSC00485 (1200x900)Today’s meetings ended early at Southampton Hospital: the clinical team has the protocol complete, contract draft and Ethics Board / MHRA  notification are underway, and the working group is meshing well.   There’s a choice of routes back south, zip down the motorway or meander through the New Forest.

No contest: I aim for the scenic route.

DSC00521 (881x1200)The New Forest, actually established before the United States was founded (1698), is a big wedge of moors, heathland, and ancient Oak/Redwood groves between Southampton and the Channel Coast.  Its a walking wilderness dotted with water and villages, filled with birds and animals.  It’s flatter and bleaker than the Lake District up north, cold and windswept on an October afternoon beneath a  heavy grey sky and yellow sunset light.  But it has a real presence, deep quiet in vast open spaces carpeted with heath and heather.

DSC00527 (1200x897) DSC00462 (1200x888)DSC00511 (1200x900) StitchDSC00514 (1200x882) DSC00504 (1200x888)

I need to get more time to do some walking further back in, ‘checking with local friends for some recommendations.

DSC00494 (1200x899)Beaulieu (Beugh-Lee) is a centraly located village, best known for is motoring museum and sheep’s milk ice cream. A couple of (kind of) wild donkeys were wandering the riverbanks (the more famous short ponies were dotted around the moors).

DSC00497 (1200x884) DSC00472 (1200x878)DSC00492 (1200x899) DSC00478 (1200x897)

The village is picturesque but somewhat touristy: the ice cream and chocolates are worth a stop, but otherwise it’s better to be taking walks in the natural areas than along the village streets.

It should be magnificent when the leaves really turn in another week.

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