Friday, October 11, 2013

Coasting from Milton to Avon

DSC00529 (1200x897)I always love to hear where you’re calling in from, our host commented as I identified myself into the conference call.  I’d pulled into a Pay and Display lot in Milford on Sea, where I could hopefully get some quiet and a decent cell signal.DSC00557 (972x1200)

And a view.  It was lovely

DSC00537 (1200x897) DSC00531 (1200x886)

The beach glowed Dutch orange in the late afternoon light,the sea a cobalt blue. Cliffs shone white beyond: my tablet identified them as the north-western tip of the Isle of Wight.


The call had some rare good news, resolving a long-standing question and opening a forward path for us.  This clearly warranted a bit recognition with food-and-a view. I put the tablet away and trusted to luck.

The coast road wound along the bluffs,one spectacular beach after another. 

DSC00536 (1200x891) DSC00532 (1200x897)

But a seaside cafe or coffee shop?  All were closed.

The wind rose: the cold deepened with the dusk.  It was looking like a Tesco wrap or salad was in the offing when I pulled into Avon Beach and found the Noisy Lobster.  It was empty at 6:30, but the(rude) waitress said it would soon fill and seated me at the back.avon beach

<sigh>  No matter.

DSC00544 (1200x891) DSC00542 (1200x883)

The food was very good (a delicate potato-leek soup and a lightly spiced seafood linguine), and the view was inspiring.

DSC00546 (1200x883) DSC00549 (1200x900)

I haven’t found the perfect spot along the coast yet, but I’m getting warmer…

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