Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Grey Amsterdam

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There was a beautiful sunrise in Maastricht this morning – still dark along the ‘skade at 7 am but with the promise of a brighter day.  I was out at 8, on the train at half-past, and into Amsterdam by 11.

Stu had warned me that it would be wetter to the north, and the skies did indeed darken and the rain started at Utrecht.  The fields are flooded in many places, surprising since the Maas river is still low in Limburg (it flows up from the south).

My meetings were all business: lawyers at 11:30 to decide next steps in the collections process, accountants at 1:30 to review 2012 annual reports and taxes.  (Yes, ‘still) 

Amsterdam was dark and shiny, probably a week shy of having really good fall colors along the canals.

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On the way out, I got a text from my immigration consultant, who advised me that my request for a 5-year residence permit had been approved.  This is wonderful news: it means no more yearly applications, fees, and documentation to prepare, and I’ll breeze through Schiphol and across the border at Liege more easily.

It won’t change the UK Tier 1 process, I still need to make the decision to add a UK passport in 2015, or just take Indefinite Leave to Remain.

And, of course, it takes pressure off the Dutch Language exams, but I still plan to take the tests soon.

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