Friday, November 8, 2013

Back across the Channel

DSC01170I would have hit the floor rolling out of bed at 5:30, had the room been larger than the bed.  ‘sometimes I do miss the corporate perks…

And this was a $100 per night room, the cheapest 4-star Hotwire room in London (with parking for $80 overnight nearby).

I’m actually feeling good today, though, despite the ‘shoebox living arrangements.  The ship feels righted, the sails filled, and the notes from the Board suggest that I’ve been successful as casting our issues as ‘problems to be solved’ rather than ‘confidence hits’.  We’ve got a good shot at making this go.

‘and time for me to head east across the Channel for a week in Maastricht, the car full of books and disassembled furniture, the appointment book filling with tax returns and Dutch lessons.

‘Morning and evening, Calais and Maastricht.

DSC01172 (1300x957) DSC01178 (1300x975)

‘much nicer than Kensington.

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