Sunday, December 15, 2013

Christmas Hunt redux

DSC02067 (1300x975)Its easy to tell when the Tube is approaching London’s Winter Wonderland: the cars fill with children and strollers, mittens and scarves.  When the trains lurch stopped, it all spills out into a spectacular clog at the escalators, another at the exit turnstyles, before running free in a river of squeals and questions flowing into Hyde Park.

The Wonderland is equal measure gift stalls and thrill rides, laced with Bavarian-themed food and drink.  It borders on self-parody in the was that Oktoberfest halls and haunted houses are trimmed for Christmas, but its all good natured fun and easy to enjoy.

DSC02070 (1300x1215) DSC02106 (1300x959)DSC02080 (1300x975) DSC02102 (1300x975) DSC02137 (1300x963) DSC02135 (1300x976)DSC02112 (1300x973) DSC02132 (1300x1185)

Especially, the barmaids, the ice mountain, and the polar bears.

DSC02127 (1300x975) DSC02125 (1216x1300) DSC02099 (1300x1118) DSC02075 (984x1300) DSC02078 (872x1300)

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