Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Winter sunset, Cambridge

DSC01972 (958x1300)A couple of weeks until solstice, the days are short and the nights are cold.  The result is a lot of frosty, twilight pictures.  I came up to Cambridge for a few days to work on my course and company, then onward to site visits and meetings.  There was time though, between meetings, for a stroll through the colleges and along the river, always beautiful no matter the season.

DSC01982 (1218x1236)I reflected on the life monastic yesterday, but perhaps a life scholastic is how I’ll be reincarnated.   Thinking and exploring is great fun, and charter to spend the days in contemplation is tempting.  The FT ran an iconic profile of  Nigel Shadbolt, an AI pioneer who seems to have it all.

I do love the look and feel of the University, especially in orange sunset glow.

DSC01973 (1193x1300) - Copy DSC01968 (976x1300)DSC01955 (1300x976)DSC01984 (971x1300) DSC01979 (1300x975) DSC01974 (1300x975) DSC01978 (961x1300)DSC01975 (1300x975)DSC01959 (973x1300) DSC01965 (1300x955)

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