Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Flooding Sandbanks

DSC02562 (1215x996)Millionaire ­residents at Sandbanks in Poole, Dorset, were cut off after the high tide flooded the only road leading to the ­peninsula.  The bill for flood and storm damage is likely to reach millions.  Jan 4, 2013

I went looking for coffee along Sandbanks Beach this morning without realizing how much damage had occurred over the weekend.  Great mounds of sand were piled along the beaches, drifted against the cafes, and submerging walkways, playsets, and parking lots.  A small army of laborers were out with shovels and tractors to put everything back into place, but it’s going to take some tie before things can reopen.

DSC02569 (943x1117)  DSC02571 (1300x973)DSC02558 (1300x976) DSC02559 (1300x921)

Long-term residents that I talked with over coffee at Branscombe Beach say that they haven’t seen anything this bad in as long as they have lived here.  Nobody seems sure whether it was high tide, storm surge or a combination.

But everyone agrees they will be a while digging out.


Invader_Stu said...

I used to go their a lot on holiday as kid with my parents. It's so strange to think of this happening.

David Hampton said...

I think it was both tide and wind: it had to come up a couple of meters to flood the peninsula road as it did. It's funny how quickly Poole dispatches aid to the Sandbanks beaches, immediate promises that things will be set back to normal in a day or two, apologies for inconveniences caused: the moneyed folk get served quickly.

I do like the area: the beaches and harbour the people doing water sports and music along the prom. Its a real contrast with Cambridge, and the coast has a lot of appeal.