Thursday, February 6, 2014

Cambridge in winter

DSC03095 (1300x976)I stay at the College now when I’m working in Cambridge: the routines and people are familiar and I like the easy access to the city.  It’s still lovely to show visitors around the 800 year old institutions, walk through the courtyards, and take breakfast in the Kettle.

Ik  wandelde met mijn wezen; I revisited a few memories.

DSC03108 (1300x1089) DSC03127 (1300x941)DSC03113 (967x1300) DSC03096 (1300x928) DSC03103 (974x1300)DSC03106 (1295x1300) DSC03092 (1300x968)

The Cam was running very high, unusually: punts were banished and only the occasional kayakist sped past, leaning into the current.  I did a bit of research for the class assessments, enjoyed a steaming bowl of noodles over conversation in Dojo: I love the sea, but core Cambridge comes a close second.

DSC03125 (1300x988) DSC03129 (1300x961)

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