Friday, February 14, 2014

High tides


I really do promise to get off of the weather topic – art and philosophy by the weekend…

The Economist published a story about the rising rivers throughout the area: I live in the vicinity of Poole (fortunately on a third-floor apartment) but the whole area up to the Thames has been affected.  Since I’m usually traversing the Bournemouth / Southampton / Reading motorways towards the northeast, I’ve been passing through the teeth of it ever since the holidays.

It’s may be time for the British to take a more Dutch attitude to rising waters (that from the Guardian, not the Dutch…)

DSC03576 (1300x956)A high tide and wind-driven waves brought Poole Harbour up into the Sandbanks Beach community today.  They had to mount sandbags around the local Tesco; a neighbor said that they had knee-deep water in their apartment.  When the sea receded, the pathways had washed out, boats had washed up, and businesses along the spit were digging out.

DSC03579 (1300x942) DSC03444 (1300x969)DSC03578 (1300x956) DSC03582 (1300x974)

It’s been an amazing run of weather – finally starting to get warmer, but not yet drier.

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