Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Rain, wind, rain

DSC03428 (1300x997)It probably sounds like I’m bleating on about the weather this month, all of the past week, but it’s both unusual and dominant. The FT notes that England, and particularly the south-coastal areas and the Thames, haven’t seen this much cumulative rain in 250 years.  My own travels to London, Cambridge, and Munich have been beset with disruptive gale winds, deep pools of standing water on the motorways, and trees fallen across key rail and bus lines.

But, mostly, it’s just been amazing to live near the sea and watch the changing character of the waves and tides.  The waves lapping over the seawalls, the blowing sand, the frothy white chop out to the horizon, the magnificent clouds blowing in from the south, have filled every drive along  Shore Road with memorable scenes.

DSC03412 (883x662) DSC03436 (1300x1069)DSC03423 (1300x958) DSC03443 (1300x961)

The wind brought out wind- and kite-surfers even as it sank several boats in the usually-sheltered harbour.   Storm-watchers gather over coffee and cakes in the Beach Café and huddle in cars near the chain ferry to watch the weather sweep in.   Couples venture out onto rock jetties to show their courage before scampering back ahead of crashing waves.

DSC03421 (1300x982) DSC03416 (1300x902)DSC03411 (1161x755) DSC03451 (1300x974)

Snow pixFriends tell me that Maastricht is dusted with snow; Carnivale is three weeks away and, hopefully, spring is not far beyond.  But there’s a month of winter yet to come.

Exciting times, even without the business adventures.

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