Friday, March 28, 2014

Beach people

DSC04320 (1300x949)I’m experimenting with adding people to the landscape photos that I take in my travels.  Back when I took some drawing classes, I much preferred the expressive arcs and shading of life drawing to the static geometry of still life scenes.  Similarly with photography, people can give scale and warmth to a scene that otherwise might only have contrast and color.

Along the beaches of the Peveril Point cliffs and the SW Coast path, then, I explored the interplay of light and people amidst the landscapes.

DSC04447 (1300x1069) DSC04404 (1300x968)DSC04379 (1296x1300) DSC04362 (1300x965)DSC04459 (1300x973)DSC04440 (1300x1047) DSC04326 (1300x1028)DSC04355 (1300x960)DSC04456 (1300x976) DSC04356 (1300x1229)DSC04357 (1300x973) DSC04383 (1300x974)

And one that reminded me of Gigli’s famous “Models in Windows”Gigli - Models in the Window DSC04354 (1300x635)

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