Saturday, March 8, 2014

Chihuly’s lights

DSC03860 (1300x975)The Halcyon Gallery in London is hosting an exhibit of neon paintings and glass sculptures by Pacific Northwest artist Dale Chihuly.  He’s a ubiquitous presence on local public television, bustling about his studio creating organic constructions that twist and glow, later suspended above gardens and canals.  I think that I became jaded about his talent, his studio churning out bright bristle cones that imitate and compete with one another, his personality too brittle, his many minions too cowed.

DSC03873 (975x1300) DSC03846 (1300x975)DSC03859 (1300x975)DSC03855 (1300x975) DSC03894 (975x1300)DSC03911 (975x1300) DSC03870 (975x1300)

But in this studio setting, the works dazzle, complimenting one another in subtle forms and luminous variety, evoking ideas and feelings, heritage and culture.  It’s a remarkable exhibit, and well worth an hour’s visit if you are in the vicinity of  Bond Street.

DSC03921 (1174x1300) DSC03843 (959x1300)

A number of other galleries lie within a few blocks, and on a warm afternoon a nice stroll yields a lot of exploratory and thoughtful works.

DSC03902 (975x1300) DSC03905 (1277x1300)DSC03913 (1300x975) DSC03927 (975x1300)

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